Penelope–Adorable On a Budget

6 Apr

Location: 159 Lexington Ave
Reservations? No.
Phone: (212) 481-3800
Type of Date: Bringing her home to mom…’s cooking

Penelope is the most adorable place in Murray Hill, hands down. And your girl will love you for taking her there. It’s small, and there can be quite the wait…but it is worth it, and you can always grab a drink in the back while you wait for your table.  The seating is cozy, a perfect way to get a little bit closer to your little lady.  The food is impeccable with a menu ranging from chicken meatballs, brie and apple sandwiches…and you must try the mac & cheese. So. Good.  Everything on the menu is a good choice, it is also incredibly affordable…so you can definitely pick up the bill (or she can too…ladies!) and not be feeling it the next day.

If you decide to stay out for more drinks, here is a great way to test what kind of girl you got on your hands. You are in Murray Hill (eek bro-central!) so you can offer two different spots for a drink–The Gansevoort Hotel (high-end and down the street) or Brother Jimmy’s (southern sports bar with a lot of beer/ESPN), ask her which one she would rather go to…and then you can see if she is a “high-class step it”…or “split a pitcher with you” kind of girl.

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